Unite your leaders and grow your company

Build an effective leadership team that’s focused on common objectives.

Does it seem like your leaders are never on the same page?

Decisions made by your leadership team have a big impact. They can carry your organization to long-term growth or sink it into long-term mediocrity.

For most small and medium companies, mediocrity is the norm. But it doesn’t have to be for you.

At Anapto Group, we work with each of your leaders individually. Through focused coaching sessions built around your overarching objectives, we unite your leadership team around a common growth plan and help you build the company you always envisioned.

Overcome all of these leadership development challenges

  • Difficulty finding leaders who can carry out your vision

  • Inability to effectively support and nurture your leadership team
  • Lack of unity around long-term growth objectives
  • Poor communication that leads to poor decision making
  • Competing objectives among leaders that prevent you from achieving goals
  • Nothing ever getting done because nobody is on the same page

Our leadership coaching helped these clients turn things around

Jason Knight has had an incredible impact on how we conduct business. He showed me how to put the right people in the right seats and hold them accountable.

Gary Cooper, CPA, CVA, CMAP, CFrA
Cooper CPA Group

Through business management consulting and leadership coaching, Jason Knight demonstrates a depth of experience that has pushed our team forward.

Michael Anderson, MBA
President & CEO| 365 Technologies Inc.

Anapto Group takes the complex and makes it simple. They bring the missing ingredients that allow our team to focus on top priorities and achieve true success.

Duke Yolo
President | CHARTer Sales Co

Building an effective leadership team is this simple

1. Schedule a Call

Tell us what’s holding your leaders back and what you think would help the most.

2. Get 1-on-1 leadership coaching

Through individual coaching sessions, we unite your leadership team around a common plan.

3. Grow your organization

Scale and grow a healthy company with empowered, focused leaders.

What happens during 1-on-1 coaching?

A lot! Our individual leadership development coaching is just one piece of a bigger custom growth plan. We work directly with your leadership team over time to:
  • Prioritize and solve your biggest leadership challenges
  • Bring leaders together and focus on long-term growth objectives
  • Discover competing priorities and tame any conflicts
  • Find the most effective leaders to complete your team
  • Motivate leaders to work toward a happier workforce and higher profits

More than just leadership development

When you work with Anapto Group, your experience includes:

Management Consulting

Designed to help you get what you’ve always wanted from your business

Talent Management

Designed to help you get what you’ve always wanted from your business

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

An individual plan for moving your company toward long-term scalability & growth

Let’s turn your organization around.

It’s time to stabilize, scale, and grow your business. Schedule a call with us today.
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