How It Works

Grow your company through greater clarity, consistency and accountability

Our 3-part program delivers the planning and guidance you need to transform your company

Management Consulting

Make better, more growth-oriented business decisions. Working with your leadership team, we help you create and execute a plan for achieving your vision.

Over the course of one year, our business manangement system includes:

  • Owner Impact Day for assessing your influence as an owner

  • Foundations Day for objectives and accountability

  • Vision & Strategy Days for big picture strategizing

  • Quarterly Review and Annual Planning sessions

Talent Management

Boost team productivity, minimize drama, and capitalize on your employees’ natural instincts. We help you build a vibrant workplace that maximizes your team’s potential.

Kolbe™ talent management consulting sessions include:

  • Team communication, strengths, and dynamics training

  • Conflict and stress resolution strategy

  • Healthy conflict and team health development

  • Strategies for identifying leaders

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

Unite your leaders together around a common objective for your company. Through 1-on-1 coaching, we keep your entire leadership team focused and accountable.

During a year-long engagement, you and your leadership team receive:

  • Two monthly, 1-on-1 coaching sessions during the first three months

  • One monthly, 1-on-1 coaching sessions during the remaining nine months

Our guidance helped these CEOs grow and scale their companies

Jason Knight has had an incredible impact on how we conduct business. He showed me how to put the right people in the right seats and hold them accountable.

Gary Cooper, CPA, CVA, CMAP, CFrA
Cooper CPA Group

Through business management consulting and leadership coaching, Jason Knight demonstrates a depth of experience that has pushed our team forward.

Michael Anderson, MBA
President & CEO| 365 Technologies Inc.

Anapto Group takes the complex and makes it simple. They bring the missing ingredients that allow our team to focus on top priorities and achieve true success.

Duke Yolo
President | CHARTer Sales Co

That’s how it works. Here’s how it doesn’t work.

At Anapto Group, we don’t just present some information and wish you good luck.

Our team works closely with you and your leaders over time to help you implement changes, verify your progress, and hold everyone accountable.

Every engagement is a long-term commitment. For you, your team, and for us.

Let’s turn your organization around.

It’s time to stabilize, scale, and grow your business. Schedule a call with us today.

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