Build a healthy company and achieve your vision

Enjoy focus, clarity, and long-term success with professional EOS® consulting.

Get what you’ve always wanted from your business

  • End the constant time-consuming distractions
  • Gain back control of your business
  • Enjoy sustained business growth
  • Give your team greater clarity and direction
  • Get your leaders on the same page
  • Execute on your vision – every single day

Anapto Group provides professional EOS® consulting for your organization

Our team can help you grow your company by applying professional EOS® methodology.

Combined with our unique expertise transforming growth-oriented companies, professional EOS® certification helps us bring organizations out of chaotic mediocrity and into a new phase of growth, scale, and increasing profitability.

EOS® gives you the tools you need to grow and scale

Through the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS®, you and your team improve in three critical categories:


Bring everyone together on your vision for the company and how you plan to achieve it.


Provide focus, discipline, and accountability, so your team can execute on your objectives.


Unite leaders and help them function as a cohesive unit with shared priorities.

What clients say about the EOS® consulting experience

“Jason Knight and EOS have had an incredible impact on our company infrastructure and how we conduct business effectively. Personally, he has taught me how to efficiently work on the business by putting the right people in the right seats and keeping them accountable.”

Gary Cooper, CPA, CVA, CMAP, CFrA
Cooper CPA Group

“As 365 Technologies enters our 11th year and next phase of growth, Jason has proven to be an invaluable resource. In both our EOS sessions and in private leadership coaching he consistently brings a depth of experience and thoughtful insights to push our team forward. Engaging with Jason has been a highly valuable decision and I would recommend him without reservation.”

Michael Anderson, MBA
President & CEO| 365 Technologies Inc.

“You get more than money can buy from Jason & Jena. They take the complex and make it simple by using a humble and patient approach. They truly bring the missing ingredients to pull it all together that allows our team to focus on the top priorities to achieve true success In my co. This has been the single best investment for my business.”

Duke Yolo
President | CHARTer Sales Co

6 key components.

1 cohesive model that fixes your business.


Get the entire organization on the same page about where you’re headed.


Surround yourself with the best talent from leadership on down.


Pinpoint the objective metrics that show you exactly what’s going on.


Solve ongoing problems and make them go away for good.


Build out essential procedural steps that everyone in your organization can follow.


Become great at achieving objectives via discipline and accountability.

More than just EOS® consulting

When you work with Anapto Group, your experience includes:

Management Consulting

Designed to help you get what you’ve always wanted from your business

Talent Management

Designed to help you get what you’ve always wanted from your business

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

An individual plan for moving your company toward long-term scalability & growth

Let’s turn your organization around.

It’s time to stabilize, scale, and grow your business. Schedule a call with us today.
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